Inspiration for choosing wooden furniture

If you are in the process of furnishing your home, or for some other reason want to be inspired in choosing wooden furniture, then you have come to the right place.

Here you can find useful information about the advantages of wooden furniture, such as their good durability and their versatility in relation to different interior styles. In this review, you will learn about the qualities of oak, walnut and ash.


Wood is a robust and long-lasting material, which is why wooden furniture is the perfect choice for those who want to invest in furniture with a long lifespan.

Thus, wooden products have a reliability and wooden furniture provides excellent value for money. A well-maintained and solid piece of furniture can retain its value over the years, should you ever wish to sell it.

Furthermore, wooden furniture has always been popular, so it is unlikely that it should lose value due to lack of popularity in the future.

The durability of wooden furniture also ensures easy maintenance. Polishing, waxing and oiling should only be done occasionally. Read more about maintenance of wooden furniture here .

Feel and look

Whether light or dark wood, wood can add a certain charm and dignity to your home. There are unlimited possibilities for interior design with wooden furniture. Wooden furniture helps to bring nature indoors, which is especially nice if you live in a big city far from nature. Humans have always had a close relationship with trees. For hundreds of thousands of years, people have made homes and tools from different types of wood. It is therefore not surprising if you like the idea of ​​having more wood in your home.

Versatile for interior styles

Wood looks good in almost any setting and for almost any home decor, whether you're going for a rustic or modern look. The wooden furniture will therefore blend in and become one with the room. One can therefore easily argue that wooden furniture is versatile, as it suits most homes.


Wooden furniture is an excellent choice if you want to choose sustainable furniture. The CO2 footprint of the processing and production of wooden furniture is much lower than that of other building materials. Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen. Therefore, wooden furniture is an ecologically responsible way of furnishing your home. If the trees are produced responsibly and are only felled to the extent that new trees can grow, then the wooden furniture is the most sustainable choice.

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Oak furniture

Oak is a good type of wood for making larger furniture, as oak has long, unbroken lines of wood. Therefore, oak is often the best wood material for the design of dining tables and kitchen tables. But it is also popular to make desks from this type of wood because oak has so many facets. Likewise, oak furniture is just generally a popular choice of furniture, as natural oak has the characteristic beautiful golden color that has been in fashion for several generations. See our Felt sideboard in natural oak and Italian wool felt below.

Light oak, sideboard, field sideboard, Danish design

You can therefore find light oak furniture far back in time, and therefore many Danes feel nostalgic to see the traditional golden oak colours.

But you can also get oak furniture in dark/smoked oak and black oak veneer. Furniture in smoked oak and walnut has a similar purpose, namely that this furniture has a warm naturalness that is suitable for a home that, above all, should spread coziness. Below you see our Felt sideboard in smoked oak and dark wool felt .

Black oak fits well with the modern Nordic interior, which prioritizes a simple and stylish interior. Black oak stands as a nice contrast to bright rooms and white walls. That is why black oak is popular in modern Nordic interior design. Below is an example of a TV table in black oak from our Dawn series, which is particularly suitable for the Nordic minimalist style New Nordic.

Black TV furniture, new nordic, nordic minimalism, nordic furniture

Read more about New Nordic .

If you are looking for wooden furniture that should have a long life, then oak is also a good choice. Oak is a hard, wear-resistant and durable material. The long durability of oak means that you definitely get value for money when you buy oak furniture.

Oak wood is durable, among other things, because it contains tannic acid, which makes the wood resistant to fungus and insect attack. (However, these problems arise most of all when wooden furniture is outside) So if you want to have wooden furniture outdoors, then oak is one of the best types of wood for this. This is also because the wood of oak trees has a closed structure, so that water cannot penetrate into the wood's cavities - and thereby destroy it. In other words, oak can withstand water. It should also be mentioned that oak is one of the most fire-resistant types of wood. Oak wood contains a lot of water. In fact, oak wood consists of 20% water. Oak furniture is therefore popular, both as indoor and outdoor furniture, because it is durable, robust and fireproof.

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Walnut wood furniture

Walnut wood furniture is meant to impress, and here they never disappoint, at least not if they come in a beautiful design. Walnut wood has a warm natural brown color and it has a nice structure, which means that many furniture enthusiasts think that walnut is the most beautiful type of wood for wooden furniture. While oak often comes in long lines, walnut is found in beautiful soft curves, which gives walnut furniture a warm naturalness. Walnut is therefore an obvious material for the more exclusive furniture. If you would like a TV table or a sideboard that stands out and gives a warm cozy atmosphere, then walnut is a popular choice. In addition, it should be mentioned that walnut can be polished to a degree so that it feels as smooth as porcelain, which is always delicious and impressive to the touch. It should also be mentioned that walnut has a flexible and soft structure, which means that it can easily take hits and shocks without getting dents or damage. However, one should not use walnut wood furniture for outdoor use, as this may result in the walnut wood becoming infected by insects.

Here is an example of a sideboard in walnut from our Sense series.

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Ash wood furniture

Ash is also popular for furniture as it has a golden color like grain. The ash variety is also practical, as it is not sensitive to stains, and ash wood is also suitable for many finishing products. In addition, ash wood is a light material, while oak, on the other hand, can be very heavy. This helps make ash wood a popular type of wood for furniture that you should be able to push or move. For that reason, ash wood is popular for coffee tables. It is also worth mentioning that, like walnut, ash wood has a flexible structure, so it can easily withstand blows and shocks without getting damaged. Ash wood can easily be confused with the light natural oak, but ash is a cheaper material. So if you like the beautiful golden oak, but you are on a budget, then ash wood furniture is a good alternative.

Coffee table in ash, modern Danish design

You should not use ash wood furniture for outdoor use, as rotting can easily occur in the furniture if it repeatedly gets wet. If ash wood furniture is content to be used indoors, then this furniture can last for decades, especially if it is cared for regularly.

Above is an example of an ash wood TV stand from our Kodiak range.

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What is MDF?

It is a special category of fiberboard, just like plywood and chipboard. That is, with MDF furniture, which constitutes the actual content (core) of the wooden furniture. When wooden furniture is not made of solid wood, it consists of wood veneer on the outside, while the interior/core itself consists of one of the aforementioned wood fiber boards. MDF is sawdust that has been ground so fine that it looks like grains of sand. Then this sawdust is glued into a solid structure that becomes a wood fiber board. Within wood fiber boards, MDF is the most useful for making wooden furniture. This is because the fine material structure makes it possible to adapt and mill the edges in the same way as solid wooden furniture. The name originates from the German term Mittel-Dichte Faserplatte. In Danish it can be translated to medium-density fibreboard (MDF).

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How do you choose the right wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture gives your home character, but it can be difficult to see which type of wood fits best in your home. Do you want a piece of furniture in warm walnut colors and beautiful arches that impresses and stands out? Or do you want a piece of furniture in black lacquered oak that creates a modern interior and that contrasts beautifully in bright rooms?

One possible answer is that you should strive to achieve a balance in your home, and you should therefore have furniture that matches your current interior design. Eg. then colorful warm wooden furniture, such as smoked oak and walnut, is best suited to a home that already radiates coziness and warmth with colorful interiors. Meanwhile, black lacquered oak is best suited to a home that already favors the dark and simple furniture that is often found in modern Nordic interior design.