About Njordec

Design, family and the world
Njordec is a Danish furniture brand that was created in 2019 in a family-run business with over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry. The many years of experience have enabled us to develop and negotiate in-house designed furniture in close cooperation with suppliers all over the world. Njordec was created after many years of wanting to be able to sell our own furniture under our own name.
Furniture for a personal interior
Our customers have personal tastes, and it is our dream to make their interior design dreams come true. Our furniture is all a mix of the classic minimalist and design with edge and unique details. They therefore fit perfectly into most homes, where you both want to stand out a little, but also be assured of a timeless, high-quality piece of furniture.
Designer furniture with sense
With a piece of furniture from Njordec you can expect beautiful materials, as well as a long lifespan for the furniture thanks to robust material choices and good craftsmanship.
Our business principle has always been about efficiency, honesty and the good experience. We always strive to exceed expectations and create high satisfaction for all parties. We achieve this by combining our cost-effective model for developing furniture with a network of professional and experienced manufacturers.
Together, this gives us the opportunity to deliver some completely unique and exclusive furniture, which we believe can bring much higher value to you and your home than what the price tag reflects. That is why we can proudly offer the beautiful and different furniture that you will find in our furniture range.
Team Njordec
Contact us
If you lack information about a piece of furniture, or if you want to know more, you can contact us via the contact page , the chat or write to us at customerservice@njordec.com. We will return as soon as we can.
We look forward to giving you a good experience!
Best wishes
Christian Dahl, brand manager at Njordec logo - about us
Njordec is operated and owned by Dahl limited ApS under CVR: 25594592 .

Address: Njordec / dahl limited ApS, Dyrehaven 10, DK8653.