Njordec's designers & design philosophy

  • Furniture for personal decoration

With a piece of furniture from Njordec you can expect beautiful details, as well as a long lifespan for the furniture thanks to strong materials and a timeless design.

Our customers have a completely personal style that they want to express in their home, and it is our dream to make this interior design dream come true. Our furniture is all a mix of the minimalist and sculptural. They therefore fit perfectly into most Nordic homes, where they will both give some edge, but also ensure a modern, high-quality design.

For us, nature symbolizes calm and harmony, and these are precisely the qualities that we want to invite into other people's homes!

Christina E. Kristensen

“I aspire to create furniture there
positively affects the user's senses and everyday life. Aesthetics and design trade
namely about much more than that it has to look nice, and that's why I love to

Nature and what it provides is a great source of inspiration for me, and I hope that my designs can in one way or another help to create calm in a busy everyday life, where functionality is absolutely essential."

Among other things, Christina has designed the Felt Series for Njordec

Monika Bertelsen

"On a daily basis, I study to become a furniture designer at VIA University. I have a great passion for designing furniture, and expressing my creativity with new, exciting and different ideas. When I design, it is with a desire to make designs that has its justification in the world, with long-lasting solutions, timeless designs that can give life, joy and live through generations.

My designs are characterized by classic elements, with a penchant for something quirky, different and experimental, which expresses itself differently in each design. Some believe function comes before aesthetics and vice versa, I believe it goes hand in hand in order to create a good design.

Good design = good quality with a good history, and a long life, with consideration for our earth."

Christian Dahl

"My biggest passion in life is furniture
and doing business.

I am passionate about developing exciting new furniture designs that can help people create the perfect interior for their home.

In addition, I am keen to create a brand with a concept that gives the most value for money. For me, this means that quality, design and the overall experience must be top notch, without unnecessary costs being imposed on you as a customer.

I also hope to provide you with an exceptional experience
and furniture that you will be happy with for a very long time."

We plant trees together

Njordec collaborates with
the organization One Tree Planted , which works to restore forests worldwide, including in Denmark.

For every purchase made at Njordec, we pay to plant a tree. That is when you shop with us, you help us restore the world's forests.

Thank you so much for being a part of it!