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For people and businesses outside Denmark

Thank you for having found Njordec.

Njordec is a relatively new brand in Denmark. For now, we only deliver to addresses within Denmark. Sadly, we cannot deliver our products to you if you do not have a Danish delivery address.

However, we have dealers in Norway and Sweden. So, if you have an address here then please go check our list of dealers. Here, you can find all our furniture and get them delivered to addresses in Norway and Sweden.

For the rest of the world, we are currently expanding, and we are looking for new markets. Soon, we hope to open for business in Germany and all of the EU. This takes time, but feel free to return to our webshop soon to see if we now deliver to your home address.

 If you own a shop of your own and you want to sell our products, then you are in luck. We are looking for more B2B partners in and outside of Denmark. Please contact us and we will return to you as soon as possible.

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What is Njordec?

At Njordec, you will find Danish-quality furniture perfect for a warm and modern home. Our focus is centered around the Danish design legacy that focuses on simple and calm expressions with a twist of personality to every design. We find our design inspirations in nature and the cultures around us.

Our quality furniture is all built with strong materials so the furniture can spread happiness for many years to come. Our designs are ageless and made of beautiful materials. Thus, we promise our furniture will continue to be beautiful and contemporary for many years.

Our business motto has always been efficiency and honesty. We strive to exceed the expected and create high value for all parts involved.

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