Guide to materials

We have designed this guide so that you can be better equipped to make a decision about your next furniture purchase.


Polyester fabric material
All of our upholstered furniture is primarily covered with textile in polyester material. Our polyester is easy to clean and has been tested to a high martindale, making it very durable.


Velor fabric material furniture
The smooth velor covers several of our pouffes and Julie recliners . Its slightly shiny look gives the furniture an exclusive look, while the velor is also a soft and pleasant tactile experience.


Boucle fabric material furniture
Bouclé means loop or loop in French. This gives the material a rough surface with a lot of small knots, which creates a more rustic look than the smooth velour. Despite the knots, the bouclén is soft, and it lines a selection of our puffs .

Imitation, vegan sheep fur

Imitation, vegan sheepskin fabric material furniture
The imitation, vegan sheep fur provides the softest surfaces on a selection of our armchairs and rocking chairs. The buttoned material is made of polyester and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, while retaining both a soft look and a soft feel. See our seating furniture in imitation, vegan sheepskin here .

Wool felt

Wool felt fabric material furniture

Our Felt collection is covered with Italian wool felt, which has the special property of sound insulation. The wool felt has a mottled and uniform look in both the light and dark gray variants.

See our entire Felt collection here.


Ash wood material furniture

This light wood has a natural look with clear brown veins, which gives an exciting play in the wood. The veins can be both narrow and thick, and it depends on the given wood from which the furniture is made.

We use ash veneer on our Kodiak and Danica collections.

Natural Oak

Natural oak fabric material furniture
The light, natural oak has a subdued and elegant look, which exudes robustness and classic Nordic design. With light, light brown veins, oak is more subdued than ash and more uniform in expression. See all our furniture in light natural oak here .

Black Oak

Black oak fabric material furniture
The black-lacquered oak that several of our pieces of furniture are covered with gives each piece of furniture a uniform appearance. A black piece of furniture can add contrast, edge and depth to light rooms, and Njordec's black furniture all also have individual details that make them stand out.

Smoked oak

Smoked dark oak fabric material furniture

Some of our furniture is made with smoked oak veneer. The brown wood with dark brown veins is, like the black furniture, a beautiful contrast in bright rooms, and can appear more prominent than light wooden furniture. See all our furniture in smoked oak here .

See all oak sideboardshere .


Walnut wood material furniture
The dark brown wood, which i.a. covers the Sense collection, gives the furniture a warm expression. The wood has many clear natural signs, which give each piece of furniture a unique expression. See all our furniture in walnut here .


Metal material furniture
Most of our furniture has a base made of metal, which is either black lacquered or in a brass look. The metal is durable, and is easily cleaned with a hard-wrung cloth.


MDF is a category within wood fiber boards. That is, with MDF furniture, which makes up the MDF itself as the content/core of the wooden furniture. There is often a layer of wood veneer on top of the MDF, and therefore the MDF is often not visible unless there is a hole in the wood veneer. MDF is sawdust that has been ground very fine and subsequently glued into a solid structure. (See the picture)

What is martindale?

All our upholstered furniture has a martindale of at least 15,000 "rubs". Martindale is a unit that describes the abrasion resistance of a fabric. In order to cope with normal wear and tear, it is recommended that ordinary everyday furniture has a martindale of at least 15,000.

How should it all be cleaned?

You can go a long way with ordinary water for cleaning our furniture. Jump over to this page to read about cleaning and maintenance.